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Kibble for Kings and Queens

It may sound silly to some how some people treat their dogs like humans. They talk to them, love them, care for them and some even dress them up when it is cold. For those who really are dog lovers this is the norm. These little furry creatures are treated as if they are human. They are children of the family and warrant such attention.

You wouldn’t dream of deserting your child on the side of the road once it reached toddlerhood or punishing it without food now would you so why would you want to do anything of the sort to your dog. Yes, animals can become a costly affair. Vet bills are incredibly high but how could you even consider leaving your ill dog uncared for. If you have a heart at all you will understand the plight.

Your lifetime companion is the one place you know you will always receive the love you need at any given time. Loyalty of your dog will never be questioned. This little being would fight to the death to ensure that you are safe. Don’t they deserve to be treated like kings and queens? My dog surely does. She has been a companion for me when I have been through troubled times and a friend for my daughter as she has grown from a tyke to a toddler to a teen. She has always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent my frustrations to. She never judges me and gives me unconditional love no matter what.

I ensure that my little pooch has the best in life that I can provide. If that simply means she eats her kibble in hand painted dog bowls that are worthy of her stature then so be it. She knows I love her. To me she is her own “person” and the she has never let me down.

My dog eats her kibble like a queen. She rules our home with love and loyalty and she’ll never get any less from me.

How Much Is Your Dog Worth To Your Family?

If you decide to make the commitment to owning a dog you really have to understand that this is for life. Don’t be one of those people who love puppies but as soon as they lose that baby appeal they are discarded or uncared for. I could never imagine doing that to my dog. She’s part of my life; part of my past and definitely part of my future. She’s family.

Have you ever realized how expensive it is to pay a visit to the vet? It kills me when my dog is sickly or hurt as it is and then I have to endure the enormous vet bill. I was always told that it’s because the animals can’t say where they are sick and the vet needs to figure that out. A human doctor has the perks of the patient pointing out where is hurts.

A professional vet who really is in the business to help pets rather than just make a quick buck will give your dog the best care and attention. Yes, they will provide medication and aids at times but they will ensure the equipment and medicine is top-notch while keeping the costs affordable. At the end of the day you furry child is worth every penny.

It is extremely difficult to keep a dog with a broken leg from moving that leg. They can’t understand when you explain why it must be kept still, they aren’t human after all. It is their nature to get excited and jump around when they see you. It is your duty as their owner to do what’s best for them and to ensure they heal in the best way possible with as little pain as possible. Leg braces for dogs are a brilliant innovation. Your dog still has mobility but that damaged leg is kept immobilized. Before you know it your pooch will be back to fighting fit and ready for that long walk in the park or playing that game of fetch she loves so much.

Find out from your local vet what the best options are and spend that little extra. Your pet is worth its weight in gold to your family and a part of the circle that cannot be ignored.

What is cetyl myristoleate?

In order to memorize this supplementary compound better make note of its commercially used acronym, CMO. It can also be abbreviated as cetyl m, if that works better for you. Either way, the natural supplement is good for out. It is used to vitalize the human body and help lost tissue cells during times of illness. It continues to be a healthy supplement ideal for use among active folks and sportsmen and women.

The natural compound is easy to digest. In one case, it comes in a forty percent softgel pack. In other cases, it comes in powdered form. This latter material form is convenient for those health advocates who are consistent in committing themselves to the daily manufacture of one hundred percent healthy juices and smoothies. Not always necessary, but a common practice among some health crushers has been to add their supplements to their juice or smoothie mix.

The main point about having a powdered alternative is that in critical cases that have been prescribed, easy ingestion is made possible by mixing the formula with other foodstuffs, solid or in liquid form. A CMO product will contain six hundred and fifty milligrams of cetylated fatty acid softgels, in which case softgel makes up two hundred and sixty milligrams of the supplement. CMO products are already being sold to distributors, manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

Unless your medical service provider is explicit with you, you will be hard pressed in knowing whether your prescribed or recommended tablet, in actual fact, contains CMO. Reading the bottle’s ingredients label would be another exercise in patience, given the vast variety of specially packaged health supplements on the shelves today. The same healthy ingredients, dog and cat lovers will be happy to know, is now being packaged for pets.