Kibble for Kings and Queens

It may sound silly to some how some people treat their dogs like humans. They talk to them, love them, care for them and some even dress them up when it is cold. For those who really are dog lovers this is the norm. These little furry creatures are treated as if they are human. They are children of the family and warrant such attention.

You wouldn’t dream of deserting your child on the side of the road once it reached toddlerhood or punishing it without food now would you so why would you want to do anything of the sort to your dog. Yes, animals can become a costly affair. Vet bills are incredibly high but how could you even consider leaving your ill dog uncared for. If you have a heart at all you will understand the plight.

Your lifetime companion is the one place you know you will always receive the love you need at any given time. Loyalty of your dog will never be questioned. This little being would fight to the death to ensure that you are safe. Don’t they deserve to be treated like kings and queens? My dog surely does. She has been a companion for me when I have been through troubled times and a friend for my daughter as she has grown from a tyke to a toddler to a teen. She has always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent my frustrations to. She never judges me and gives me unconditional love no matter what.

I ensure that my little pooch has the best in life that I can provide. If that simply means she eats her kibble in hand painted dog bowls that are worthy of her stature then so be it. She knows I love her. To me she is her own “person” and the she has never let me down.

My dog eats her kibble like a queen. She rules our home with love and loyalty and she’ll never get any less from me.